Medicare advantage plans are used to cater for the medical and hospital costs that are not covered by other insurance service providers. Each of the plan in unique in the benefits that it offers. There are some benefits that you may get with one plan that you may not get with other plans. You should hence ensure that you have carefully researched the different plans being offered in your state to know the different benefits being offered. Many people purchase plans thinking that they offer similar benefits only for them to realize later on that that is not the case when their costs are not covered.

Besides analyzing the different plans to understand the benefits that it offers and those that it does not offer, you should also be aware of general benefits that none of the plans offer. To start with Medicare advantage plans do not cover for medications and prescription costs. If you incur an out-of-pocket expense in prescription drugs, you cannot depend on Medicare advantage plans to cater the expenses for you. Prescription drugs are catered for by the Medicare Part D.

Medicare advantage plans do not also cater for long term nursing care costs. These are costs that are accrued by the elderly in nursing homes. It also does not cater for private nursing expenses. This includes expenses related to hiring a private nurse either at home or in the hospital to be a care giver.

If you have frequent dental and eye problems, then Medicare advantage plans will not help you reduce costs associated with the same. You have to pay for the regular dental and eye checkups with your own money or through other insurance policies. None of the Medicare advantage plans provides coverage for hearing aids ad eye glasses.

Before deciding on Medicare advantage plans, you should seek adequate information about it to ensure that you are paying for benefits that you will use and that the plan is ideal to you. There are a lot of resources where you can get information pertaining Medicare advantage plans. This includes websites and you can also ask your insurance service provider to give you information on what you should expect and what you should not expect.

If you have a medical conditions like eye, dental and ear problems that require frequent hospital visits and you have the Medicare Part A and Part B, then Medicare advantage plans are not the ideal solution.